"Healing For a Broken World, One Life at a Time"


Love Gifts Ministries International welcomes you to our ministry website.

Our teaching letters archived here have ministered to thousands of individuals since we began sharing the good news of God's heart that He has made the way for your life to be filled with and showing evidence of His love.

Gifts of love mean our essential needs for love have been given by our loving and caring heavenly Father, through His amazing gift of love, Jesus the anointed One.

As you read these love letters you will find many answers that will help you live your life in the confidence and assurance of a beloved child of almighty God.

The Testimonies here have not been updated in many years but similar stories written by real people give evidence that very real problems were resolved by God throughout our 30+ years of ministry. As you read these testimonies your faith will build, your heart will be edified and you will recognize that amazing gifts of love are waiting for you too.

We hope you will share the blessings you experience from our ministry with your friends, family and in your communities. Many pastors around the world print out the teaching letters to distribute as needed to their congregations. These are messages entrusted to us to share with you. We hope you will come back with a generous offering to help increase our ability to share these love gifts with others.

Please write and share your testimony with our volunteer team of ministers. We are always blessed and encouraged to hear from you

In His great love, Pastor Carole